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Vemulapadu of Awuku-Renadu Sinia which was under the
jurisdiction of the c&vadi of Ghitti. The king deprived
Limgoju of his office, and conferred it upon Peda-Polamraju,
son of Adhyaksam Granapaya, at the time of lunar eclipse on
Yaisakha su 15, (Vijaya?).

L. R. 56, pp. 139 ff.
25,   BDKKA I.

Yijaya-Bukkaraya ruled at Vijayanagara for twenty-eight
years from Salivahana Saka 1273 corresponding to Khara to
Salivahana Saka 1301 corresponding to KalayuktL*

The Kaijiyat of Maltimidikambh3lfid-htne\ L. £, 37, p. 298.

Prosperity to Sri Bukka, lord of the earth, who has taken
upon himself the duty of uplifting   the   Smarta-dJiarma ;   has
Ms  viveka lixed in  truth;  possesses high intellectual powers;
is  ever bent   oo   seeking   the   three   objects of human   life
(dharma, artha and ltama>\ is expert in the use of four expedients,
well-versed in the five branches of human knowledge, renowned
in six-fold heredity, moving everywhere  in the seven consti-
tuent parts of the kingdom, and radiant with the eight parts of
kingly duties;   possessing nine treasures  and  shining with
the ten characteristics of dkarma.   Madhava was the family
priest and minister of that mighty king ; just as Brhaspati was
the teacher aud minister of Indra; Sumati of Kala; Medhatithi
of i§aibya; Dhaumya of Dharmaraja, Gfautama of the king
Vaiaya ; and Yasistha of inward vision and spouse of Arundhati,
of Rama of the virtuous mind.

Bukka, the pre-eminent king who knows the essence of all
things, being eager to hear good stories, addressed with pleasure
his minister, tie seat of all learnin^:—


** We have heard, 01 high-minded one! the various Sasiras
Ufapurayas and the Makabharata from your mouth".

* AJD. 1351-2 to 1379. Hariiuu-t I ™ alive until A.D. 1356. The overlappiEg of the
tern **y M te to tfee fact fet B^ka I r^led the kingdom jointly for some time with his